About Us

MIER, the love of nature
We love outdoors, especially after a long exhausted work days, the nature mom refreshes our soul, but when we went to the shop, it’s difficult for us to find some quality, practical and economic gears, and that’s the band “MIER” come out, we nurse it by love and passion, just like our customers, we use MIERs too, from daily to light outdoor activities, it’s a great companion.

We respect nature and test our products in it, all of our products are 100% quality inspection before leave our factory, plus wonderful after-sales service, MIER is dedicated to be your reliable friend.


MIER, a brand for design, function and quality

MIER, a brand for design, function and quality

test requirement

As a responsible manufacturer, all of MIER’S products are passed through test requirement of local market.

Teamwork, anytime, anywhere, work hard for a common goal.

Nature, the best place to test our products.

quality inspection

All MIER products are 100% quality inspection, the key to keep high level customer satisfaction.


BSCI, what we do was not just got a certification, the important is we are on the road to improve our workers’ working condition.