The Best Lunch Bag for Kid in MIER

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This MIER kids lunch bag is the best-looking and truly unique insulated lunch bags you may see in the market with Zip Closure. What makes it unique you ask? Well, there are two sections that keep cold and warm items separate. You can see the top "dry" compartment featuring U opening and two zipper pulls for easy access, perfect for non-leaking items, such as fruit, snack and so on. Bottom “cold” compartment is no-leak insulated with soft PEVA liner, perfect for cooling drinks, juice, etc. Very easy to clean. The bright and colorful pattern makes it fun to carry around, this stylish lunch cooler bag for school, work, and everyday use. It is a good gift for your little girl or boys, even the adult.

“Wow this was amazing! Exactly what I was looking for. Really good insulation. Much better than taking my lunch to work in a plastic bag, which I had been doing before!” Rachael says.

“I bought this for my 6th grade daughter and it's perfect. I can fit a bottle of water & a Capri sun along with her sandwich and fruit and whatever else. I put 3 small ice packs in it to keep the food cold. It's never completely full so it's a really good size. She's very happy with it and it's really cute.” Brina says.

Flexible, strong and built to last, our insulated lunch bags are perfect for carrying lunch to school, the office, or for use as a stroller bag. With bright color you are certainly stylish enough to stand out from the crowd. You and your kids will love it.

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