How to HIDE MONEY when Traveling

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Today I found a practical video and it have a funny comment by dovah bob.

Now, let's watch this video, which one would you choose?

Video: 10 Ways to HIDE MONEY when Traveling

Funny comment by dovah bob:

so i was in some guys bathroom and i used his toothpaste. To my surprise as i rolled it up i found some money. I was so exited i almost forgot to floss good thing i didn't because i found money there to. All the excitement made my lips dry out so i grabbed a chap stick that was sitting there and put it in my pocket. i saw a dirty diaper on the counter. as i throw it away money fell out. when i went to wash my hands i dropped the soap on the floor. It shattered and reveled it was full of money. feeling like i wasn't clean i decided to have a shower.The the body wash wasn't coming out fast enough so i took of the lid and found even more money.when i got out i brushed my hair with a brush that was sitting near the sink. The rubber come out when i used it and some more money fell to the ground.when i left the bathroom i felt like i had such good luck i should play poker luckily there was a pack of cards on a table.And next to the playing cards was my favorite brand of gum so i took that too. as i left i tripped over a shoe knocking the old soul out.when i put it back in i saw even more money in the shoe. i just could not believe it so i decide to take a pen to write it all down with.

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